Focused in the realm of sound design, implementation and composition; Jack Menhorn has been poking around the game audio industry since 2005.  He may or not eat lasers.


Wwise Demo- Jawa Sandcrawler from Jack Menhorn on Vimeo.

In this video Jack Menhorn shows a Wwise implementation demo he created that demonstrates:

-Switch Containers and Game Syncs used to change footstep surface sounds
-Distance based gameplay feedback and ambiences
-Pitch shifting of a Door Motor asset using a Game Sync
-Events (de)activating multiple sounds
-Here is a tutorial video on how I created the R2-Unit sounds using Massive:


Sound Replacement with Wwise:

inMomentum SFX:


Jack Menhorn SFX Demo reel 2011 from Jack Menhorn on Vimeo.


Audio Layering using only Kismet in Unreal Engine 3: